Backlink Strategies To Improve Your SEO In 2021

Backlink SEO

When it comes to getting the attention of Google and, therefore, your clients, a lot of strategies have to be developed in your SEO. Your online presence depends on a series of factors that don’t necessarily come from you, or your product, or the service you provide. Your company can have the best product or the best price and still not get clients as you want.

Google processes more than 40,000 searches per second, what do you think will happen when you rank not only in front of your competitors but also on the first page?

One of the tools that help you and your business website to grow and definitely gets both Google and your customer’s attention is Backlinks. In our previous post, we explained what a backlink is and why it is important for SEO. It impacts the relationship between your website and Google’s analytics and algorithms.

The stronger your SEO strategy, the bigger the chances your website has to rank in front of your competitors. But what do you need to do to get good backlinks?

#1 Backlink Strategy For SEO

Blog posts. Not everyone likes this strategy, but it works. Especially if you write good content that your customers and niche can relate to. And three things can happen here. First one, when you write a blog that talks, teaches, and represents your ideal clients, they get closer to you, creating relationships and identification. Secondly, you get their attention, they might not be ready to buy from you, but they are interested in what you have to offer. And thirdly, they will likely buy your product or service and recommend them.

The ideal result here is that you get more clients and sales and also get other websites to link tp your blog posts. Win-Win. Here you can find a guide on how to get started.

#2 Backlink Strategy For SEO

Include your link in other websites by leaving a comment on them. But be meaningful and choose the websites that are related to your business. Nowadays a lot of websites have spamming tools to help them get free of this annoying thing. To help your SEO grow, write comments that also will help the other website, not only yours. Backlinks are a two-way street, and Google knows it, they are a “Vote of confidence” from one website to yours saying: “Hey Google, this website is good, and I trust on it”. So, if you write the same comment over 10 different sites, don’t you think Google will notice? 

#3 Backlink Strategy For SEO

Customers don’t want to buy your product; they want the transformation your product will make to their life. If you are not a blog person, ok. But there are other options for you to help your clients and get backlinks at the same time: guides, lists, how to do it type of posts. Let’s say that you have a Plumbing company, for instance. You can do a “Top 5 things that you do that can damage your water system”; “How to unclog your bathtub without destroying it” type of posts, you know better.

A while ago a company called BuzzSumo researched 1 million blog posts and articles, and the ones that have these types of content performed better in terms of backlinks. And you can also see what type of  headline phrases drive more clicks here. 

To summarize, when you combine these strategies, your chances are higher to get linked to a good and reliable website related to your business. Making Google understand that this link is strong, therefore helping your website to rank better. You can use online tools such as Monitor Backlinks and MOZ to help you manage and see what backlinks are helping your SEO and what aren’t. And be patient, backlinks take time, don’t give up.

In this article, we show you 8 steps to use SEO by yourself, but if you think is too much and that you want to focus on other aspects of your business, companies such as Caiden Media will be more than happy to help you. 

Book a consultation or click here to find out how we can do this together.

SEO can boost your site visibility. No matter the size of your business, we are here with you.


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