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Bondjet Moving Company

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Bondjet Moving Company is a moving firm that offers a wide range of relocation services to complete local moves all over the greater Toronto area and Durham region. At Bondjet Moving Company, they ensure that you get the best deal for all of your moving needs and pride themselves on having superior service at affordable rates that help you relocate with ease. It was our digital marketing company's top priority when working with our client to ensure that we show all of these amazing aspects of the company with the design and features incorporated. Our team at Caiden Media has set out to uniquely set up and design a strong website that magnifies the superior services of Bonjet Moving Companies business.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Bondjet Moving Company Website Features

Customized Web Design

In order to amplify Bondjet Moving Companies’ quality of service, our team designed an entirely custom web page for our client on WordPress. Their custom web design will make their website stand out from the crowd and give our client a bit of a competitive edge. Custom web designs have been found to be more SEO friendly, which will lead our client’s website to rank higher on the search engine. Designing a custom web design for our client allowed for our team to adapt to their business needs better, as well as to incorporate more of Bonjet Moving Companies branding into their site.

Custom Web Design

One Page Website

Our team came to the decision with our client to build them a one-page website. It is said sometimes that less is more, and by condensing all of the most important information into one page, our client will be able to retain the attention of their digital visitors more easily. Single pages websites are easier and optimizable for our client’s digitals visitors using mobile phones or tablets.  By designing a one-page website for our client, our team was able to really focus on delivering a consistent and immersive user experience, helping to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Additional Features & Functions on Bondjet Moving Company Website

Website Slider

A website slider is a sequence of images that come onto the screen one after another. For our client, we have incorporated both automatic and user access sliders into the web design. Sliders are visually appealing and are good for engaging our clients website visitors. They are also very helpful in assisting our team with creating an innovative page for our client, and making a web page for visitors to remember.

Social Media Integration

Bonjet Moving company's web design includes two forms of social media on their website. Integrating social media platforms to our client's website allows for the web page to channelize traffic from the social media channels to their website and vice versa. Digital visitors will be able to check out more about Bonjet Moving Company and provide valuable insight into our client's brand.

Request A Quote Form

A request for a quote form allows for the Bondjet Moving Company to get specific information from potential clients and use smart logic to tailor the form based on potential clients needs. This gives our client another way of getting in touch with their customers besides the phone. It is also another good form for keeping records in case anything were to happen. Overall, a request form boosts customer satisfaction.

Google Maps Showing Service Areas

Our team included a map of the service area that our client works in so that potential customers would know if they are eligible to contact our client for moving purposes. This feature allows for potential customers to stay on our client's web page longer because they will not have to go and search the GTA and Durham region on another tab.

Web Design for Moving Companies

Working with Bonjet Moving company was a new challenge for our team at Caiden Media. Despite the fact never working with a Moving company before, we were truly ready and excited to build and design something that would advance our client’s business. 

We believe we have helped our client secure a compelling digital future. Through the decisions to create a custom one-page website, we have given our client a bit of a competitive edge. Also through adding features such as the integration of social media, website sliders, a request a quote form, and the showing on google maps of where our clients do their services, their website is sure to endure more traffic as well as more potential clients. This sets our clients up for a successful future with their business.

Altogether, our team wanted to make the most of our plan interaction and execution of our customers’ demands. We built and designed a website that addresses our client’s greatness and polished structure in what they specialize in. Through ingenuity and our group’s meticulousness, we had the option to acclimate ourselves to the desires of the customer and make a site that worked for progress.

We at Caiden believe that we have left our customers completely satisfied and have gone above and beyond to make sure that they are happy.

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