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We had the pleasure to work with Jorge from JLZ plumbing. Together we created an effective digital strategy for their business. Their plumbing business is 15 years old and have served more than 8000 customers in the GTA area. They offer services in residential & commercial sectors for plumbing, drains & sewer related issues. In all these years they were able to establish such a strong business with their unique services like 24/7 assistance, online estimation & integration of a Facebook messenger chatbot on their owned website. They are an excellent future-proof business who have created an impactful website to better help their clients with any of their needs possible.

We together were able to create a strong ‘Digital Impact’ for JLZ plumbing with the help of our SEO experts. We knew that for a successful impact our foundation had to be strong, therefore we developed their website design to flow with their brand and set-up SEO foundations for organic digital success.

Web Design for Plumbers

What Needed To Be Done

Our efforts to make it possible were two-fold: Website design & optimization & SEO foundations

Website Design & Optimization

  • Responsive design – a website which can run on any browser or any device (desktop, tablet, smartphone) for their customers’ convenience.
  • SSL certificate – to have a secure website for a seamless customer experience and better SEO ranking.
  • Plumbing estimate form – an online tool for customers to get an estimate before an in-person visit.
  • Contact forms – contact form for a callback from the client for customer convenience.
  • Social media integration – Adding social media channels to engage with the audience.
  • Google maps integration – business locator set-up for active operation locations.
  • Facebook messenger chat bot – Set-up of an integrated chatbot on the website to help you with your needs.
  • Coupons page – For loyal customers on the website who can avail of active coupons.
  • Rebates page – Full disclosure of certain rebates available to customers living in their respective cities or areas.
  • ReCAPTCHA V3 – installing the latest version to secure the website from irrelevant bot crawling.

SEO Foundations

  • Rankmath plugin setup – Rankmath was chosen based on the range of features it offers & cost-efficiency compared to Yoast plugin.
  • Google analytics – initial set-up of a tracking code on the website to analyze website traffic and understand consumer habits related to the business.
  • Google My business – initial setup of GMS will help the business to be crawlable by Google search engines.
  • Google search console – setting up GCS will help the business understand customers better by analyzing their search query & intent leading to the website.
  • Sitemaps – for clear site navigation which enhances user experience & helps secure better SEO ranking for the business.
  • Robots.txt – for instructing search engines, which page to crawl or index and which pages to not.

This project was a great example of compatibility between a client and their agency. Working with JLZ plumbing was like harmony. It started with an in-person meeting; we dedicated this meeting to understanding our client’s needs.  We assessed their business needs and keeping that in mind, we developed an understanding of their business & their target audience. They wanted a website design that goes well with their brand and supports their SEO needs for the future.

To help our clients fulfill their needs, we wanted to know the ‘brand’ they wanted to become. The brand image they were aiming for, was well-engineered in our minds. We then were able to present a digital strategy that well-fitted their needs. After several calls and emails, exchanging ideas, we were making changes and enhancing the website design we successfully completed and established a base for the website, its ‘Homepage’. Once the homepage was set, our clients were happy, which in-turn made us happy.

Setting up the homepage took time because both us & our client wanted it to be the best version of itself, once that was set-up other pages were easier comparatively. We were aware that our work had just begun. We then started working on other pages on the website which were successfully created in the next two weeks. The whole website was ready in just about 4 weeks with the help of our design team and cooperation from our harmonious client.

Understanding the business and its needs, helped us set-up a strong SEO infrastructure for JLZ plumbing. We carefully assessed all our suggestions & recommendations, keeping in mind our client’s long-term digital future. We are happy with the results we were able to achieve with the help of our client & our SEO & design team.

Our aim is to keep improving and providing our clients with the best solution possible for their needs and making them happy with our continuous efforts.


Web Design for Plumbers

Including JLZ plumbing, we have successfully designed two websites for plumbing businesses. We implement our 5-step process (Discover – Strategize – Implement – Launch – Grow) to create your dream website. 

In the Discover stage, we meet with the client to understand them, their business & their needs & expectations. We do that, to understand their design preferences, make recommendations on them to serve their customers in the best way possible. 

In the Strategize stage, we develop an overall SEO & design strategy for our clients, keeping in mind their business & their audience. Our design goal is always to strengthen or create a brand for your business & try to solve a problem for your users (if any). In the plumbing business, we identified transparency & paid quotes as problems we can tackle with website design. While strategizing, we consider all aspects to present the best possible solutions for your business.

In the Implement stage, after finalizing the strategy, we begin by creating a homepage for your plumbing business. The homepage is the most essential aspect of the website when it comes to design. Once a homepage is created, it becomes easier to create other pages for the website. According to our finalized strategy, we create all necessary pages for the success of your business & solve your audiences’ problems. 

In the case of JLZ plumbing, we created 2 unique pages to solve customer problems,

  • For ‘transparency’, we created a rebates page, as an informational page for the audience to have all the information regarding rebates issued by the government for plumbing & repairs in different areas they operated. 
  • For ‘paid quotes’, we created a page for a free quote for any plumbing issue by filling a simple form asking the customer for details, description of the job & images.

In the Launch phase, after the client’s approval, we launch the website through our server and make any last-minute changes, if needed. 

In the Grow stage, we help our clients secure an effective digital future. We do this by helping them set-up Google My Business, Google search console, Google keyword planner, Google analytics, WordPress plug-ins, robots.txt file & more on-page tools for their successful future. 

We at Caiden ultimately believe in customer satisfaction and we go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy.

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