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One Rehab Therapy Centre

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One Rehab Therapy Centre is based in Toronto and their top priority is to help people towards an optimal well being. They are a physiotherapy clinic whose goal is to help guide and educate people through their physical journeys. It was important for our team to enhance the caring and nursing qualities that One Rehab Therapy Centre has been gaining their reputation for. Our Digital Marketing Company has open mindedly set out to provide our client with professional web designs and features that ampe the success of their business.


One Rehab Therapy Centre Website Features

Mobile Friendly

Creating a mobile-friendly website was an important aspect that we wanted to make sure to include when creating our clients’ websites. Mobile-friendly websites allow for people to effortlessly access a website on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Over 57% of all web traffic is done on mobile devices. It is more convenient for customers to reach out to our clients because their email and phone number are easily accessible and clickable. Mobile-friendly websites also load quicker than on a computer making it easier to keep the attention of our client’s mobile web visitors. A mobile-friendly website amplifies our client’s website producing and browsing experience for their website visitors.

Responsive Web Design for Physiotherapy


One Rehab Therapy Centre’s website includes Secure Sockets Layer Certified (SSL Certified). This means that our client’s website is secured and their web visitors will be safe browsing their website. Online fraud is rising and with that, we knew the importance of ensuring our client’s website has a secured web connection. Including an SSL on our client’s website also betters their website ranking signal, improving their potential traffic, and their revenue. The SSL maintains website security to protect both, our client’s web visitors as well as the welfare of their business.


Our team saw to it that our client had an online booking appointment feature on their website. This feature virtually eliminates all the frustrations involved with manual appointment setting. The online booking schedule is available 24/7 so their customers can book at any time they want. Including this feature for the long-term is valuable for our client’s brand and their customers’ experience.



The contact form on One Rehab Therapy Centre’s website allows its customers to send a message to their business whenever they like. Physiotherapy clinic’s work involves working with people who need physical help, and a contact form on their website helps reduce spam emails while additionally, improving their email marketing list for potential clients. Our client’s contact form grants them the ability to offer more support to their customers.


Embedding One Rehab Therapy Centre’s website with google maps allows their customers to simply find the address and directions to our client’s business. This disabled the need for our clients’ customers to open a new window, leaving our client’s website, and finding directions. Providing this keeps visitors on our client’s site for a longer period of time.

Web Design for Physiotherapy Clinic

Throughout our first initial meeting in person with our client, we discussed three major elements that factor in majorly on the setup of their website. We discussed the number of pages that would be set on the website, what the pages would be, and lastly, we discussed ideas on our client’s color scheme and graphic design. It was important for us to discuss these key elements in as much detail as possible to ensure that we can execute their creative vision as true as can be.

After meeting with our client, our team got started on the homepage for One Rehab Therapy Centre. Our team initially completed the homepage in one week’s time before showing it to the client. Once ready, we then went back and forth with our client discussing and editing minor details to service what they envisioned for their website. One of our teams’ goals is designing a webpage that our client is wholly happy with for the reason that the homepage sets the tone for the remaining pages of the clients’ website. The header and footer were other elements additionally consulted on the homepage being an aspect, we discussed with our client, that would remain the same on all five pages.

Following the homepage, our team began designing the primary content on the next four pages for our client’s website. We discussed with our client the services they provide, therefore we can dive into more research on physiotherapy to create the content on their pages.

Everything included, our team was able to complete the entire website within three weeks’ time. Our team at Caiden Media worked effectively and efficiently to ensure that our work truly and positively impacts our client’s success. Working with a physiotherapy clinic was a new experience for our team that we took on head first, with no hesitation. We gained a lot of new knowledge, training, understanding, and once again, created a truly beautiful design to impact our client’s possibilities to be successful with their business.

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