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Why Your Clinic Needs A Dental Marketing Services Agency?

Dentistry is an industry that relies on both recurring and new business to stay afloat. The main way to attract new customers is to improve the visibility of your clinic online and get discovered by potential patients in your community but also in surrounding areas. A good amount of potential clients use their phones when searching for local services which means your website has to be able to work with a phone’s dimensions without cutting off vital information. Implementing SEO and online marketing is a good way to get a leg up on your competition who may be comfortable with their recurring client base. By using these tools you provide customers with more options and they may end up leaving their current dentistry practice to try out yours.

SEO Statistics for Dentists

  • Various studies showed that about 90% of patients searching for a local dentist visit the website within 24 hours ( MarketingJournal
  • 60% of social media users say they trust healthcare professionals online vs 30% who trust brands
  • 77% of prospective patients do their research through search engines online ( ThinkwithGoogle )

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How To Grow Local Market Engagement For Dentists

A good thing to do for any business that is trying to grow their local market engagement is to get indexed within local directories. Some popular options are Yellow Pages and Profile Canada, registering in these indexes will help to increase your rank on Google. What increasing your rank does is promote your business to Google and tell Google that your website, and by association your business is reputable and that you should be put higher in SERPs. A good feature to add to any website is a blog portion. This allows you to rank for keywords easier and also tell your customers you know what you’re talking about. You can blog about anything, but you should have articles that relate to dentistry so that you can use industry specific keywords and show up when people search for them. Blog pages are also easy to link to for external web pages. You can blog about a topic and then find another website that is saying similar things and potentially have them link back to your website which then creates a backlink. Like all other SEO strategies back-linking is a good way to boost your search results ranking. 

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