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Why Do Plumbers Need To Focus On SEO / Local SEO?

Like many industries, plumbing can rely on recurring business as well as finding new customers who need help. The main way of accessing new clientele is by optimizing your website to appear at the top of Google. This way they can learn about your business and all the services you can offer them before they even call you. While word-of-mouth was successful in the past, most people will Google the company after hearing about it from a friend which is why the website is one of the most important aspects a company should have. A fully-optimized website along with positive customer reviews are the best way to access a new customer base.

SEO Statistics for Plumbers

  • Plumbing as a career will grow by 14% over the next 10 years
  • 30% of previous generations tend to look for plumbing services they have used before but only 10% of millennials feel the same way ( Smart Service )
  • According to our 2020 Home Services Trends survey, 46% of HVAC and Plumbing business owners said they’re taking advantage of online booking, compared to only 38% of business owners in other industries. ( Jobber Academy )

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Our SEO Service For Plumbers.

Plumbers naturally provide a good amount of services, so your customers should be able to read about all of them on your website. This guaranteed content provides a large opportunity to implement keywords and phrases inside. There are also other on-page SEO strategies that are considered primary features such as header tags, meta descriptions, title tags, and URL structure. Title tags and meta descriptions go hand-in-hand. These represent what customers see when they Google your website. You want to make sure your title and description tell them exactly what kind of company you are but keeping it short and sweet so it doesn’t get cut off. On-page SEO is only one side of the coin and the other is off-page. Off-page counts with brand mentions, which is when your company is referenced on an external website and back-linking, where an external website provides customers with a route to your company via direct link. Off-page SEO also relates to the social media of a business, which is another place to display good content to customers.

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