One extremely important aspect of restaurant SEO is Local SEO. With effective Local SEO, people can find your restaurant when they conduct their search in Google Maps and Apple Maps

SEO for Restaurants in the Digital Age

Like any business, restaurants really need to focus on growing their local clientele before attempting to get business from other cities or even tourists. Getting a higher rating on Google and being able to show up within the first page of results can get restaurants significantly more business than using a third-party application like Yelp. Many restaurants have to pay to be on Yelp and then manage all reviews by themselves. Using an SEO company will give you all the support in terms of digital marketing and social media. Restaurants are on a different scale than fast food when it comes to quality and the best part of restaurants is the atmosphere they provide which is something a chain like McDonald’s cannot give to customers. Creating a website that advertises not only your menu but also the kind of service you are providing will entice customers to try your restaurant once and then keep them coming back.

SEO Statistics for Restaurants

  • 35% of Canadians prefer to visit a restaurant or bar when going out with friends and family ( Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association )
  • 56% of the traffic on Food Industry sites comes from organic search 
  • SEO is the best marketing strategy as 56% of traffic to food websites comes from search engines.
  • 90% of customers conduct research before dining out and 92% read reviews before visiting ( Finances Online )
  • 40% of local searches for food and beverage were conducted on a mobile device ( Upcity )

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How Your Restaurant Can Show Up When People Search " Restaurants Near Me"

How we accomplish this is first by creating or revamping your website to make it not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimizing it to be accessible for all ages. Not all generations are tech-savvy so having a website with all the information in one easy place will get you a variety of customers. By using SEO strategies we position your business to appear higher in Google rankings which will maximize your chances of being discovered by clients searching for the best local restaurants. By creating a website with a high Google rating it shows that your website and by association your restaurant is reputable which then builds your brand equity. Adding onto that we also offer assistance with all social media. Building social media helps you relate more to a younger audience and depending on the class of your restaurant could also promote patronage from them. 

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