Having your salon show up when people search “salon near me” is that simple. 

Why Does Your Salon Need To Focus On SEO / Local SEO?

Like many businesses, salons should primarily focus on optimizing their website for the local market. While it may seem unlikely for people to travel very far for a service like a haircut or a manicure if the company appears high on their search and is accompanied by high reviews then it is possible. There are many reasons why salons should invest in SEO the first being that while promotional pictures and videos on social media are a great way to advertise the talents of your business, better customers come from those who are already looking to purchase your service. SEO allows them to see your information at a time when they are “in the market” for your service. 

SEO Statistics for Salons

  • Over 70% of the traffic on websites in the salon and spa industry are coming from a mobile device ( Salon Today )
  • Around 70% of spas offer the option for customers to book a treatment online, with 83% saying that they use social media to share discounts or promotions with their customer base. (International Spa Association Foundation)
  • In the Beauty & Personal Care market, 23% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2021 ( Statista )

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We Tackle the Most Competitive Keywords

All good SEO campaigns begin with a website. Either building a fresh website or redesigning an outdated version, but that’s only the base. Then you fill the website with relevant content and keywords and phrases that are likely to lead to your business. For salons, the keywords could feature cities that are near your business so that when people search for a service and city, you show up. There are many services that salons can offer that customers might not know about, this provides a good opportunity to inform your customers and teach them about new services and make them comfortable enough with the process to give it a try. Take microblading as an example. Many people Google what microblading is so if the content from your website comes up explaining the process and the pros of doing it, it will make your potential customers more at ease if they do decide to come in and try it out. The best thing you can do as a business is giving the customer a good enough time that they leave a review. Your business will seem more reliable if you appear higher on Google and have reviews that show that your business is worth going to.

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