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SEO Solutions for Lawyers

Law firms need new clients to survive and grow, they can’t rely on the same people to continue bringing them work. This means that digital marketing should be very important to any law firm. They also can’t get by with just using paid ads to appear first on the Google list. A good amount of people skip paid advertisements to get to the organic results which mean if these businesses are not up to date with SEO practices they won’t show up on the first page and miss out on many opportunities. Not only that, just because your firm isn’t investing in SEO doesn’t mean that another law firm down the road isn’t. They might end up surpassing you if you’re not careful.

Some Interesting SEO Statistics for Lawyers

  • 88% of firms ranking in the top 10 positions were ranking their home pages. Therefore, homepage optimization is the key. ( legalbusinessworld
  • 60% of law firms ranking on page 1 of Google use WordPress. ( legalbusinessworld
  • 96% of people use search engines to look for legal services ( theselfemployed )
  • 66% of Internet users are looking for information on a particular legal issue when seeking a lawyers website (not advice just practical legal information) ( The Canadian Bar Association )

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Why a Digital Marketing Company is Needed For Lawyers SEO?

To begin, we offer assistance building or updating your firm’s website. We make sure that everything on your site is optimized to the highest possible level. This means using appropriate headers, images, and meta attributes to make it easier for Google to find your website and display it higher. We also make sure that any keywords displayed on your website are actually relevant to your content because if they are not then your search engine ranking will suffer. We will also make sure your website navigation is optimized and user-friendly so that your potential customers are able to find all the information they need quickly and efficiently. It is also important that your website is mobile-friendly. Many people use their phone more than a computer when searching for services and if your website is too busy and hard to navigate they will most likely immediately leave your website. There are also things we offer that are more behind the scenes of your website. This includes social media marketing and acquiring quality backlinks. The use of social media is good for any and all businesses. It’s another way for customers to see more personal aspects and maybe some tips or coupons. Backlinking is also important to any website because it allows Google to see that your business is associated with other credible websites and what that does is confirm the legitimacy of it and tells Google that your business is trustworthy enough to be displayed higher in search engine results

Our Approach

Customized Packages

We know every company has different needs and different project-scales and that’s why we are willing to take on any project big or small. We also understand that the needs and objectives of our clients are unique and that’s why we offer customized packages. Some of our services fit together well and really boost each other up and combining services could lead to some cost-saving options.

Have a clear strategy

Creating a website is only half the battle. You need to also implement a strategy to promote that website to your potential clients.

Link Analysis

Something that is sure to get clients off your website is broken links or linking to websites that are not reliable. You are not expected to know every piece of information which is why you use backlinking and external links to show that where there are gaps in your knowledge you’ve filled them by doing research and providing information for other sites as well.

On-Site SEO for Law Firms

Before you can start using your law firm’s website for backlinking you first need to optimize the information that’s on your website. When people find you on Google or are redirected to your website from another you need to make sure the website is good enough for them to stay on and explore through it.


Keywords are essential in terms of content writing for your website. The key is using keywords that are relevant to the information you’re going to be providing as well as using keywords that can improve your local search results. This can be anything from “DUI lawyers” or even “law firms near me” or using a specific city name in your keywords.


Headings are a good way to structure your information and differentiate between where one section of information starts and ends. The style and type of heading can also make a difference for your clients.

Custom Content

Your keywords need a place to live, and that’s where your custom content comes in. The best and easiest way to implement custom content is by creating a blog. This allows you to post long-form paragraphs and allow a comment section for any questions your clients might have about a piece of information or service you provide.

On-Site Load Speed

When clients first click on your law firm’s website it should only take a maximum of 2 seconds before it loads for them. This applies to not only the initial click to your website but for all pages that they can go through. Many people are impatient and if your website takes too long to load for them then they will find one that they can access faster.

Interactivity and Calls to Action

Without having things to interact with a website can feel very flat. Using buttons and calls to action are a good way to keep your clients interested.

Maintaining a Blog

Having an active blog is a good and easy way to keep your site updated with information that is relevant to your audience. Most pages on your website will stay the same, especially if it’s just general information about the services you provide to your clients (from DUI lawyers to criminal law). Keeping a blog helps you to focus on certain areas that you want to highlight for your clients. This can be anything from specific issues that could affect the way a case is handled (minors involved in cases). If the content is relevant and easy to read it invites people to return whenever you post something new. By allowing your clients to comment on your blog they can ask questions and pick your brain so that they fully understand the depth of knowledge your firm brings to the table. When creating this blog there are a few questions you want to ask yourself:

  • Who am I writing for and what is the quality that is attracting them to us?
  • What is the message you are trying to send to your audience? 
  • What visuals will you use? 

These questions are vital when running an active and successful blog. If your blog seems like it has no purpose and the writing is bland it will not lead clients to return to your site. Blogs allow you to create both internal links to other pages of your site and external links to other websites with related content. 

Off-site SEO for Law Firms

Off-site SEO accounts for all improvements that happen without touching the content of your website. The main focus of off-site SEO is links as well as researching specific keywords that will lead more people to your website from Google.


Backlinking is a link from another website that leads back to your firm’s site. These are very important when it comes to SEO and directly affects your Domain Authority and rank on search engines like Google. If you have accredited websites linking back to yours it will boost the traffic on your site.

What makes a good backlink?

The first, and most obvious is that it should be relevant to the existing content on your website. It is also better if the website linking to you has a high DA and appears high in search results, this can be anything from a blog from an associated website, journals, news sources or other established websites.

Social Media SEO for Lawyers

Our services don’t just start and end on a website level. We also are well versed in social media practices. Canada has one of the most concentrated populations of social network penetration in the world. This means there are a plethora of opportunities for your firm. Social media is a way to interact with people who may not need your service at that time but will remember you for a separate occasion. It is a way to build a working relationship with your clientele and interact with them through comments and direct messages.

  • Ethical Rules for Lawyers in Marketing

According to the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) there are a few ethical rules to keep in mind when engaging in marketing activities. Rule 4.2-1 states “a lawyer may market professional services, providing that the marketing is: (a) demonstrably true, accurate and verifiable; (b) neither misleading, confusing or deceptive, nor likely to mislead, confuse or deceive; (c) in the best interests of the public and consistent with a high standard of professionalism”. While social media can seem like an excellent marketing platform it does come with some added rules that your firm needs to take into account. It is very important for everyone that the risk of disclosing confidential information is kept at a minimum. Keep in mind that there may be a social media policy in place and you should consult this first before beginning any social media campaign.

  • Facebook SEO for Law Firms

Facebook, while not as popular with the younger generation, remains incredibly active with over 1.23 billion users who log in daily. At the very least your business should be listed on Facebook with your business name and contact information. Creating content on Facebook that links back to your website then allows for more traffic to reach your website.

  • Instagram SEO for Law Firms

For accessing the younger generation the best tool to use would be Instagram. Instagram allows you to control how people see you and the company and also use your bio to link to your website or update clients on any blog updates. Current clients and even people who have never used your service before now have access to your brand identity and can become invested in your work to keep coming back for relevant updates.

Our Tools

We use industry-leading SEO tools to provide you with statistics of how many people are viewing your law firm’s website and how they get there, whether that be directly searching for your business or finding you through Googling the service you provide. We also use on-page tools such as RankMath and Headline Analyzer to make sure that the content on the website is optimized to reach the clients you want to reach.

Important Factors to Lawyer SEO Marketing

Content Creation

One of the key aspects of improving SEO for law firms, we know that being able to effectively use keywords will be crucial for any campaign. We are careful with our keyword usage and can easily avoid keyword stuffing. We understand that it’s important for any website to have relevant content that is well-optimized. Our goal is to create content that coincides with your business practices and also engages and entices potential clients.

Local Optimization

We know the majority of organic traffic, especially for law firms, comes from local searches. This means people in your area who are in need of services. We do this by optimizing your website for keywords including your service and city name. We want to make sure the majority of people on your site are people who are most relevant to your business.

Accessible Navigation

Navigation is very important for any successful website. Many people will click off of a website if the information on the website is unorganized or if the service they are looking for is hard to find. If your navigation and information are laid out well then it’ll show potential clients that your business runs the same way. The homepage and navigation are people’s first impressions of your law firm and we want to help you make a good one.

Internal Links

A feature that aids navigation, having internal links on keywords and other places helps direct users through your website. Interconnecting your webpages can make it easier for potential clients to find the information they need.

External Links

Internal links are to provide your clients a roadmap through your law website, while external links are like a citation list which show that you’ve done your research and that your website has information that is reliable which makes it easier for clients to trust you when representing them.

Word Count

While this may not seem as important, showing potential clients the extent of your knowledge is essential. There are many different law firms that handle a variety of cases, but you need to show why all of your services are worth investing in.

Internet Marketing Analysis

Not every SEO strategy is successful and a way to determine how well it’s working is by using key performance indicators (KPIs). We want to keep your law firm’s website running smoothly and ranking well on Google and to do this we need to make sure that you have sound navigational structure and that there are no broken links. This makes it easier for clients to find you and stay on your webpage long enough to see that you are the best option for representation.

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