Share Screen Google Hangouts; Adapting To COVID-19

Share screen google hangouts

Google hangouts may not be the most popular platform but they have added a new, and innovative feature. Share Screen Google Hangouts, could help your organization due to physical distancing caused by COVID-19. As of March 2020 Google hangouts has released screen sharing not only for dedicated meeting rooms but for Chrome browser, laptops, and desktops. It is suitable for Android and iOS app stores.

When sharing your screen it will show both your shared screen and your video camera. This will allow people to see your facial expressions to your content. On a mobile device, iPhone or iPad Google Hangouts will display whatever is on your screen as well as the audio. Furthermore, you will be able to continue your meeting even after you have stopped presenting your screen. Freelance consultants, people who work from home, or digital marketing companies use this feature to dissolve problems or have weekly meetings.

How To Use Share Screen Google Hangouts On Any Device.

First, open Google Hangouts app or icon, then press the “compose” button and start a “new video call”. Keep in mind that it will share your entire screen in full-screen mode. Next, click the “Share” button at the bottom right, but if you are using a different browser then it will be referred to as “Start Screen share”. Keep in mind once you have selected “Share” it will take a few seconds for the contents to be fully loaded. Once all the contents are loaded then press the “Present to everyone” button. This will make it visible to everyone in the meeting room.

Finally, you can perform all the actions on the screen shared with the room. You can type and use the mouse or cursor to show the participants what you are talking about so they are able to follow along. When you have finished your presentation and would like to exit the screen sharing feature simple press the “Stop” button in the top taskbar. You can also stop the video call, this will also stop the participants from seeing your screen from the previous presentation.

What If Share Screen Is Not Working?

In some cases, the Share screen will not work in Google Hangouts. If it stops working during a conference call then it usually has to do with the web browser you are using. Simple change the browser from, for example, Safari or Mozilla Firefox, to Google Chrome. Second, when you are using it for a long period of time, clear the browser’s cache. By clearing your cache it will load a fresh, updated version. You can find the cache in the settings and takes no time at all. Essentially Share screen on Google Hangouts is simple, easy and a great tool to use.


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