Why Use Youtube For Business

Ever wondered why you should use YouTube for business? Is a picture a thousand words? If that’s true, how much is a video worth? 

Probably worth a lot more, and that’s why companies have invested billions of dollars in video advertising. Whether it is through traditional means, or on the Internet, a video captures a story. It personalizes the message to the user and makes ideas less complex. And what’s the best place for marketing? Youtube.

Youtube For Business

Why YouTube Matters

Build your Audience

YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world. Building an audience on YouTube will be very beneficial for your brand 

Get your Message Across

A well put together YouTube video can be a great marketing tool. It can reach millions of people and can let people know about your business in a fun and interesting way.

Feedback and Research

YouTube allows you to reach your customers and find out what they have to say. This allows you to conduct research and find ways to improve your practices

Our team of social media experts focus on pinpointing your unique selling points to attract the people who are interested in the products or services you have to offer. We use analytics and digital marketing strategies to gain insights and create marketing campaigns that generate buzz around your brand. 

Why Use Youtube For Business


Youtube is the second most popular search engine after it’s a parent company, Youtube. It has over 2 billion users, so it should not be a surprise as to why companies should focus on Youtube. Additionally, 5 billion videos are watched every day. That should be enough to tell you why Youtube is absolutely a must-have in any marketing strategy or any business strategy in general. There should be a focus on it because of the sheer size of Youtube’s audience, and the huge potential Youtube has for your business.

Youtube For Business
Youtube For Business

People Prefer Videos

By 2025, over 50% of people under the age of 22 would not subscribe to a paid TV service. Furthermore, 6 out of 10 people would prefer watching online video platforms to live TV. This represents a fundamental shift from traditional media to online media marketing.

And that isn’t enough. 8 out of 10 people who are 18-49-year-olds watch Youtube every month. In addition, by 2015, people spent less time watching TV, while the time they spent on Youtube was over 74%.

Viewers also retain over 95% of the message they watch on video compared to reading it on the text. Moreover, customers also prefer watching or learning about a product by video. Most importantly, this by itself should be enough to show why Youtube is important not only for posting video content but also for getting that video retention that is so valuable for a business.

Check Out Other Business

 Firstly, just like with Instagram, on Youtube, you can be able to see what other businesses are doing and get an idea of their marketing strategy. Additionally, their marketing strategy and content is focused on can allow a business to see what they should focus on, and what will get the most results. In addition, this is also evidenced by the fact that 62% of businesses are using Youtube, meaning they consider Youtube as important for their brand visibility and marketing strategy.

Youtube For Business
Youtube For Business

Social Media And Youtube

Firstly, you can also user Youtube to improve your social media. Youtube users are mostly social-media savvy, and will most likely, if they like the video, prefer to share video content with their friends, or colleagues. By distributing your Youtube videos to other social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, your exposure increases exponentially. Furthermore, the more popular your video, the more it will do well. And that can translate to new customers, without you having to do anything.

Lastly, check out our services to see what we can do to help you with Youtube. Additionally, make sure to contact us if you need any information.

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