Support Black Owned Business Update

As searches for Black owned businesses on Google have surged, it is great to see so many people looking to support businesses owned by the Black community. Google has added an update that allows U.S. Merchants with a verified business listing on Google to add a Support Black Owned Business attribute to their Google My Business Profile. This update will make it more accessible for potential customers looking to support black owned businesses in their community at any time. The attribute will be located in a prominent location on your Google My Business listing alongside any other highlights and attributes that you choose to be listed.

To access the Support Black Owned Business attribute, you’ll have to sign into your Google My Business account. After signing in, click “Info” on the left menu, then click the “Add attributes” section within the “Highlights” feature. This feature will allow you to select attributes you’d like to be highlighted on your Google My Business listing. Click the “+” symbol next to “Black-Owned”, and this attribute will be added to your business listing.

You are able to select more than one highlight in this feature, for example, if your business is Black-Owned and Women-led, you can select both of these attributes to add the highlights about your business.

By adding this feature, Google hopes to allow customers to extend their support to the Black community, to leave great reviews for their products and services, and to share their Google My Business listing with others.


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