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In today’s consumer climate, it is important to take a look at the different ways to interact and build trust with your audience. Building trust is a crucial step to great customer service that will bring your customers back over and over again. With that being said, let’s get to the main question; How does live chat support build a better experience for customers and why should you have a live chat option on your website?

We have gathered some reasons why you should look into getting live chat support on your website.

Reason 1. It’s convenient for your customers!

Website live chats are a more convenient option for customers who are trying to get an answer in a more immediate way. Rather than calling a number and waiting to get through to an agent, they are able to open the chat feature and ask away! The live chat option is also more efficient than email correspondence; Rather than waiting hours or possibly days for an answer – live chat options are typically much faster and allows the customer to stay within the website’s landing, product, or checkout page.

Reason 2. Live Chats can increase sales

Live chats on websites are all about increasing the quality of service for your customers. They can also be great for improving the volume of sales if a live chat is available for a longer period of time than a typical storefront. If your potential customer has a question in the middle of their purchase at midnight but doesn’t have anyone to speak to, they may not continue and you’ll lose out on the sale. Having a live chat agent available 24/7 to answer customer queries and help with the purchasing process may help increase sales and keep customers moving toward the purchase.

Reason 3. Live Chats give your website a competitive advantage

These days, your website is not only a virtual place where you sell items or services. Your website is your storefront, service counter, and the face of your entire company. It’s important that you create a great first impression by giving your website a competitive advantage. When a customer is in the evaluation process and deciding whether to go with company A or B, they will most likely choose company B because they presented the best customer experience with a live chat option. A live chat with agents who are trained to answer their queries in the most efficient way will most likely win the customer’s purchase decision.

Reason 4. Personalize your customer’s experiences on your website

A live chat is a great way to personalize your customer experience strategy. You can use fun greetings and even include agent names and photos to really bring personality to your online store. This may not be the most important part of setting up a live chat on your website, but it could make all the difference to a customer who is really looking to feel comfortable and develop trust.

Reason 5. Collect relevant customer feedback

Feedback is extremely important when it comes to tracking leads, targeting the right market, and evaluation of current customer service practices. Using a live chat to collect relevant customer feedback about their experience can help when it comes to targeting and retargeting relevant audiences. You can simply integrate relevant questions into your live chat responses for customer reviews, feedback and other information that would be beneficial to evaluate the effectiveness of your customer service.


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