What Is A Landing Page

what is landing page

A landing page is a web alone page that created specifically for marketing or an advertising campaign. It is where a visitor will go if they click a link in an email, or ads from Google, YouTube, Facebook or other social media websites. Having a good landing page can convert incoming visitors to customers.

You can build a landing page for:

Email Newsletter Subscription

If you own a blog and have written a lot of content, you can offer your visitors an email newsletter where they can subscribe to the latest content around your industry. You can create a landing page to invite readers to subscribe to your blog where they can list their information, including their email address. You get a more founded fan base, and you increase your email subscription. It’s a win-win.

Online Course Enrolment

Whether you hold certain certifications or have taught many students, online courses are a good way to add revenue. Using landing pages to invite new students to sign up for your classes and getting their information can lead to a host of potential customer relationships that goes beyond the courses you offer.


If you own businesses that thrive and are built on a model of community membership, a great way to generate customers is creating a landing page that lets visitors sign up and become a bigger part of your business.

The Best Landing Page Should…

Deliver Value

Imagine yourself as a visitor. Ask yourself what I would want to see on this page to put my information in it, and make sure your landing page has that. For instance, you can add some of the content that you have on this page, or create a short video on what you offer.

Be Short

As stated earlier, a page is a page that is linked from ads, etc. Therefore, it should be short and sweet. Keep your sign-up form short and to the point

Be Focused

Don’t put too many links on the page. It is a page specifically for targeted traffic. Do not distract your visitors by putting in too many links. Limit the amount of exists on the landing page, and make sure the form features prominently on it.

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