Why should my business be online?

Small business needs a website

Small business needs a website

Billions of people go online everyday, whether it’s to search for something or browse through their social media or to get some information. Having your business online on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc means that you provide an opportunity for your business to be viewed by these people when they’re looking for a business like yours. So why a small business needs a website?

  • Company Image:

By having your business online it makes a useful platform to demonstrate a product and service  you are offering. By having an online platform whether it’s on Google, Facebook, etc it has never been easier to let the world know what you are offering. Now more than ever, businesses can connect with their customers and potential customers in order to build trust and connecting with them more often to promote new products and services.

  • Hour Availability:

An online platform lets your customers feel like your business is open all the time even if it’s not within the office hours. Clients can read about your products and order at any time whether it’s during office hours or when the office is closed. This will automatically let you generate more revenue even when your business is closed, customers can buy your products online resulting in generating more revenue.

  • Lower Cost:

To lower cost in marketing in a business is by having an online platform, instead of business paying fliers or tv stations for a promotion they can promote their business online with lower costs and more attraction because many people use online platform.

  • Targeting Customers globally:

Small business needs a website in order to target a wide range of customers in different locations. For instance, having your business in Toronto with a great website, a customer in Montreal can visit that website and buy your product from there. So by having a great website the visitors to the site can be limitless and your business can provide their goods to anyone and anywhere.

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