Benefits of Google 360 Virtual Tour

google 360 virtual tour

The first impression a business makes is the crucial moment when you will get a customer or not. And with Google Maps, you can make a good first impression by doing a Google 360 Virtual Tour. There is a whole list of benefits to doing a virtual google virtual tour for your business.

Build Trusts With Customers

Why have a google 360 virtual tour? When people are looking for companies to work with, they want companies that are completely open and honest with their customers. A company that has a virtual tour humanizes the company’s brand because the customer imagines being there; you also have the opportunity to show who you are, and not just simply tell your customers who you are. That is why having a virtual tour is important: it shows a potential customer you have nothing to hide and are completely open and transparent.

Show Customers What They Want To See

It’s no secret that consumers will go online and research a store before visiting it. Google Maps street view is part of that process, and allowing customers to conduct a virtual tour will give customers information on how your company conducts itself.

This gives you an opportunity to establish yourself as completely different from your competitor. You can demonstrate why your business is unique and has better quality than what your competitors offer. And this means greater visibility and more customers.

Lastly, statistics show that it helps increase people searching for your business on Google.

Better Target Audience

If the customer does not know who to choose, or what your business is about, with a virtual tour, you reveal to them what services or products your business offers. In addition, consider this example:

You live in Toronto, and you are looking for a restaurant to go to eat. If a business is registered with Google, when you search for a restaurant, that business will come up. If the business has already done a virtual tour, chances are, you might go and check it out, as you have a feeling of what you might get.

This allows customers to also make more informed decisions for your business including questions like will we get parking? Is it usually busy?

Don’t forget to contact Caiden Media if you want to set one up.


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