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With the rise of e-commerce and social media many businesses are delving in the digital realm. If gives them more reach to customers and audiences that would not even have known they existed. Where should you start? How much money would you need to spend? And where? Hiring a digital marketing agency can take away all of these concerns. We’ll look at benefits of having an off-site digital marketing department.

They hit the ground running

A digital marketing agency has the skills and experience that you get out-the-box. In comparison to hiring someone, you avoid training and on-boarding costs. Depending on what you require, their diverse team is able to put specialized members on your project for the best results. Finally, they have expansive knowledge in all niches and have a good grasp of your specific audience.

Saves you money

Hiring an employee would add them to your payroll. This would meaning higher payroll taxes and possible health benefits. Not only that, but you get a whole team for a fixed project price compared to an in-house individual.

Also, digital marketing agencies have all the tools (i.e. softwares) needed for your project which is another cost saving benefit.

A specialized team

When you hire a digital marketing agency one of the biggest benefits that you get is a team which has many specialized members. For example, if you require blogging services then they would have someone look after that. Or if you needed web design then you have an experienced resource at your fingertips. Not only that but the experience that they have can help you navigate your business in the digital world.

Market research and relevancy

The purpose of hiring a digital marketing agency is to get the best resources for the best value. A good agency is always familiar with the various market segments and the factors that shape them. If they are not, they have the processes in place to get relevant information for your business.

The market research they perform for your campaigns are an accumulation of the macro-trends boiled down to your specific niche. This allows for them to propose and implement new ideas that can make a huge difference in the branding of your business.


In order to offer a great value service – agencies should have all the necessary tools in order to make them more effective and efficient. Some of the softwares and resources that they have in-house can cost your business 1000s of dollars per month.

Not only would you have to take up these costs but you would also need to vet which ones would be best for you business. This can be time consuming and frustrating especially when there are so many different tools/resources out there.


One of the main aspects of digital marketing is digital advertising. This includes Google and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). By knowing the ins and outs of how these platforms work, you can effectively advertise your business brand and promotions. These platforms aren’t the simplest to use. First off you need to be aware of the technicalities of each. Then you need to learn to target your audience and create effective native ads.

It sounds like a lot of work, and trust us it is. This is why a digital marketing agency is perfect. They can start advertising for you right away. Also, since they have worked with similar clients they’ll be able to use your ad money very effectively.

At Caiden Media, we ensure that our clients have the best experience with us. We will help elevate their business to true potential. You don’t have to go through the trouble of finding staff, we’re your in-house out-of-office digital marketing agency!

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