Rank Higher On Google Maps – 3 Easy Steps to Get to #1

rank higher on google maps

Why Rank Higher On Google Maps?

When a person searches online for your product or service, it is imperative that your listing shows up first. The listing of your business determines whether or not your potential customers know that you are nearby. Furthermore, 84% of Google users conduct local searches on a regular basis. Google Maps ranks business listings by certain standards that may not always be obvious. The following easy steps will make sure that your business will rank higher on Google Maps.

Claim Your Google Maps Listing

The first step to ranking higher on google maps is completing your Google My Business listing. Google wants to supply the most information to its users as possible. Consequently, the ranking of your business in Google Maps is directly affected by the completion of your listing. The more information you share with Google, the higher it will rank your business. So, ensure that your basic information such as your address, business category, and phone number are accurate and filled. If you have not yet listed your business with Google, the process is quite simple.

Optimize Your Website to Rank Higher on Google Maps

Your Google My Business listing should now be updated, but now you need to make sure your website supports a higher Google Maps ranking. Google ranks listings to ensure an easy experience for users. Consequently, your website will rank poorly unless properly optimized. Use geographic keywords across your site to make it easier to find. The majority of Maps and local searches are performed on a mobile device. Consequently, websites optimized for responsive use on any device will climb the rankings. Finally, try embedding Google Maps into your website to verify your location with Google.


Reviews show that your business is trustworthy and reliable, so Google ranks businesses with a high volume of good reviews higher on Google Maps. Copy the direct link to your Google review form from your Google Maps listing and share it to loyal customers to boost your review rankings. The one risk is that you open yourself to bad reviews as well. However, the risk is worth the reward, since bad reviews are statistically less frequent. Respond to negative reviews properly as you can mitigate any damage.

Let Caiden Media Put You On the Map

Congratulations, you have taken the first major steps in your journey to rank your business higher on Google Maps! Ready to boost your ranking to the next level? Caiden Media’s team of marketing experts can get you the ranking your business deserves. Contact our experts for your free consultation today.


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